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What is a Tankini?

SIMI tankinis are beautifully designed to enhance your body


Tankini is essentially a two-piece bathing suit that has a tank-like top. The result is a swimsuit top that has extended coverage, a bikini can still offer plenty of coverage but it lacks any material below the chest.

Anyone can wear a tankini regardless of size, shape, or age, a tankini is for anyone. They’re also for any type of water activity, ideal for those who look for a more conservative fit. But still gives women the feeling of freedom and flexibility that a one-piece may lack!


One of the great things about tankinis is how versatile they are. Whether you’re wanting to do some water aerobics or hit the waves at the beach, tankinis can fit any need.


SIMI Tankinis come in all shapes and styles including a variety of many many prints, you may want to try on a few to get a feel for what makes you shine. Enjoy your beach experience with great confidence and style! 

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