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Launching a swimwear business

SIMI provides a helping hand with extensive know-how in the swimwear industry

Looking to start a swimwear line or gain a trustworthy swimwear supplier that gets your vision?

These are secrets clothing entrepreneurs are not willing to give away because consolidating a reliable supply chain is certainly not a walk in the park but a long journey over years or even decades of trial and error.

A simple Google search (or now with the ‘AI Boom’ perhaps just asking ChatGPT…) could be a place to start when you’re on the lookout for the best swimwear manufacturers.

However, most manufacturers don’t even have a web presence.


If you consider an international swimwear manufacturer in countries like Vietnam or Turkey due to lower cost, you will have to account for shipping and duty fees that tag along. Also keep in mind that manufacturers will have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement and this could be higher than what you anticipated to start your business with. 

On the other hand, overseas manufacturers are cost-competitive, but long-distance relationships can be tough and will require you to establish clear channels of communication and stricter quality control processes to secure a sustainable and secure product supply for your business. As you narrow down your list of potentials even further, keep in mind a few other necessities such as the sampling process and the cost involved, and their capacity to source a concrete fabric. Not to mention that you also need to know whom to trust. Having a reliable supplier that guarantees a good delivery of your expectations is key to your success.

During Covid,  many desperately tried to reshuffle their supply chains overnight but it was too late. Particularly those dependent on China, given their stringent controls and curfews even after the pandemic was very much under control. China’s dominance in textile production particularly become the main recipe for success for their business but the lack of alternative ‘cards’ during the disruptions drove them out of business. Other countries like Vietnam might offer lower-cost solutions but sources of fabric and lack of specialization in many types of apparel are important barriers in this transition.  


So, how exactly do you even start to find a private-label swimwear supplier?

This article is not intended to discourage new starters in this business line but highlights some of the key points to consider during the first steps. Working with the right partner could gain you access to specialized manufacturing, quicker go-to-market times, a qualified swimwear designer to support garment development and a global network of reliable and efficient suppliers.

You might want to consider a reliable partner before starting this adventure all on your own. A companion with some experience in this journey could make a considerable difference. 

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